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General ghetto rules

1.1 Ghetto territories are colored sections of the city that are marked on the Map of Ghetto
1.2 Being on the HQ of a gang, you are required to do all the requirements of the gang. | WARN
1.3 On the HQ of a gang, it is forbidden to visit without IC reason(e.g. Raid, talk to deputies/leader) for all organisations. | WARN
1.4 It is forbidden to push/kill gangmembers on their HQ. You are not allowed to enter on HQ of another gang without permission. | WARN
1.5 If you are standing on your HQ it is forbidden to start shooting from your own territory. | WARN
1.6 If a gangmember gets chased by cops/gangs, he cannot get back to his HQ for 5 minutes | WARN
1.7 All gang members must wear top and pants of their gang`s color | Demorgan 180 min
1.8 It is allowed to rob/kidnap people only in ghetto or outside the city | WARN
1.9 Robbery of Fort Zancudo is allowed from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM
1.10 Gang members on their HQ can kill everybody in case if you do not agree with their demands.
1.11 It is forbidden to force people into doing animations exceptions are raising hands or getting on knees(only for cops) | Warn
1.12 If a person complies with given demands its not allowed to kill them | Jail 120 min
1.13 Leaders or deputies must set the time for robbery of Fort Zancudo within 1-2 hours before starting robbery. | Warn
1.14 Each robbery of Fort Zancudo has to have cooldown of 2 hours. | Warn
1.15 Gangs and families(including unofficial orgs) cannot take hostages and rob from event which just finished.

Capture rules
2.1 Capture of territory is an OOC situation. It is forbidden for state employees to interrupt capture.
2.2 Only members of criminal organizations can take part in the capture.(Attack and defense)
2.3 Capture is allowed only on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
2.4 Capture is allowed from 04:00 PM to 11:05 PM
2.5 4 attacks and 4 defenses are allowed per day for 1 gang.
2.6 Leaders must be informed in Discord no more than 30 minutes and no less than 20 minutes before it starts.
2.7 After the capture, both gangs get a freeze for 25 minutes.(Other gangs cannot capture those gangs for 25 minutes.)
2.8 It is forbidden to do a capture for gangs that do not have a leader
2.9 If the gang is taking a part in a robbery of Fort Zancudo, it is forbidden to do a capture of the territory of the gang for 20 minutes prior to the robbery FZ, during a robbery FZ and 10 minutes after the end of the functionality of the robbery of Fort Zancudo.
2.10 Minimum number of participants is 5 people.
2.11 Maximum number of participants is 10 people.

2.12 It is forbidden to change the terms of the capture.
2.13 The defense side must accept the terms of the attack side.
2.14 The gang must start capture exactly at the time it informed in Discord and join capture area in full force at the same time
2.15 All players who do not participate in the capture are prohibited to stay in the territory of capture.
2.16 Anti-capture is prohibited within 10 minutes before the start of the capture of the territory and during the capture.
2.17 Members of the gang cannot change his gang for a reason of capture and return back to their first gang.
2.18 Forbidden to heal and loot in the gunfight.
2.19 Forbidden to use body armor.
2.20 During the capture, it is prohibited to use any of roofs. All players must be only on the ground.
2.21 Forbidden to use painted weapons during the capture.
2.22 Forbidden to use drugs.
2.23 Each participant must hold playback of the capture for 48 hours.
2.24 It is forbidden to use software such as VPN.
2.25 If a participant of capture got banned for cheats. All the territories in which player was a participant, will return back to the gangs.
2.26 If participant is unconscious. It is forbidden to heal him.
2.27 The defense must enter the capture at least 2 minutes before end of capture.
2.28 The attack gang must set kind of a weapon and number of participants.(For example, 10x10 Weapon – Revolver)
2.29 It is forbidden to go into the interior. | Demorgan 120 min

2.30 It is forbidden to delete capture in discord channel #capture | Verbal warning
2.31 It is forbidden to go out from the capture zone (red circle)(It is allowed to avoid obstacles. You can do it within 7 seconds.) | Demorgan 120 min
2.32 5 minutes before the capture, all participants are considered as an OOC players and those participants should be in their respective Gang HQ.
2.33 If a playback is demanded, you have 24h to provide the video | Ban 7 days for not providing | Warn to the leader | Canceling the Turf.
2.34 It is restricted to drive on car into red circle. | Warn to the leader | Turf canceling
2.35 Deleted rule
2.36 All POV requests must be uploaded to the YouTube or Streamable Platform.
2.37 Deleted rule
2.38 You can sell/buy 3 turfs maximum each turf day | Up to disband
2.39 You are not allowed to right hand peak | 7 day ban
2.40 Juices are forbidden in turf | Up to ban 7 days
2.41 It is forbidden to change gang to participate in a turf for another roaster(alt accounts counts as well).

Ghetto Boundaries​
Gang HQ Boundaries​










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