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Requirements Which are Necessary in the Application:
Apply Under Private Organization Section When you Are Applying For Unofficial ORG.

1.Active Family with a Good number of Active Members.
2.Family Must Be Level 3.
3. Information: Family Name, Family House Number, Leaders in game Name and ID, Leaders Forum Account, Leaders Discord Tag and ID.
4.Picture of Family LOGO and Uniform.
5.Background and story for the Family and how it came together.
6.Family Goals.
7.Family Rules.
8.Family Ranking System and Explanation for the Ranks.
9.Leaders are not allowed to be in any Other GTA RP Related Server Discord's.
10. Leaders Punishment is Important To be Accepted as a Leader of Unofficial.
11. Leaders on Unofficial Are not allowed to be in any Legal org.


Rules and Information Necessary to know For the leaders:

1.Robbing a player as a Unofficial Family you need to have 4 members of the family and 2 Family Cars.

2.Any changes in the family The leader has to and is Responsible To announce on discord to curator and Get approved by the curator before doing so.(example: Family house, Family name, Family leader, Outfit and details about the family and The leader)

3.If the leader Gets banned, family is removed from Unofficial Orgs and will not be able to apply and wont be accepted until 1 month of the time of removal with a New Leader Old leader wont be accepted again. (The time period of Reapplying and warning Removal might be more or less depending on the Curators decision)

4.If the leader is breaking Rules, The family will Receive a warning. (Clarification : The Decision of a Family Warning is on the Curator to make!)

5.If multiple members break a Rule the family will Receive a Warning.

6.Warnings are Removed by the Curator, when the Curator decides that the Family is doing a Good job, Active and not breaking Rules.

7.Only way of Removing a Family Warning is by the Curators, when the Curators See the Family is Active, Staying away From Rule Breaks and Toxicity and Following the Rules.

8.Leaders Name in discord must follow this Format: "Leaders IC name | Family Name" Or "Family Name | Leaders IC Name"

9.Correct Format of Announcing a Change of Family information in discord is : Family "XXX" changing "XXX" From "XXX" To "XXX"

10.After announcing in discord, Forum will be Unlocked and Changes must be Done in Forum application as well.

11.Receiving 3 Warnings Will Get family Removed Directly from Unofficial Orgs, and will not be accepted again until after 1 month of the Removal with a New Leader. (The Time Period of getting accepted Might be different depending on the Curators Decision)

12. Leaders Of Unofficial ORG cannot be apart of any Legal ORG, No Matter What the Rank is.(Only Applies to leaders)

13.Leaders Punishment History is Important, for Getting accepted Leaders need to have clean punishment History.

14. Must Follow all Server Rules, Specially As a LEADER, Rules of Leader Mostly Get Applied to you DO NOT Mistake that since there is This Forum Post that means Other Rules and Leader Rules are Not APPLIED on you or your Family.

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